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Welcome to my Book Shop

My books are born out of love for traditional illustration and adding magic to your life.
Books are available in digital format for easy access, as well as published copies.
Check out my blog and YouTube channel for up and coming projects and commissions.

Published Book Collection

Digital Book Collection

Customer Reviews

“Birdwatcher's Coloring Field Guide is popular and always in demand at the Bird Life Shop. We always look forward to the next instalment of the series!”

Clare, Bird Life Shop

“I recently published my first book with Myska's Creations and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was professional and supportive throughout the entire process, and the final product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Myska's Creations to any aspiring author!”

Rachelle, Author

“Myska's Creations is my go-to bookstore for all of my children's reading materials and activity books. Her Birdwatcher's Coloring Field Guide is our favorite activity book during birdwatching adventures in South Africa.”

Heather, Book Lover

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