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  • Can I order physical books through Myska's Creations?
    You can now order physical books through my website at Myska's Creations if you are currently based in the United Kingdom or the United States of America. If you are based in other parts of the world (until I get my website on track) you can order my books through Amazon or Lulu.
  • I am a writer/artist/maker - would you be interested in stocking my work at Myska's Creations?
    If you would like to discuss the possibility of supplying your products to Myska's Creations, please send me an email at with details of your book/products, trade prices and terms.
  • Can I buy a gift card for Myska's Creations online?
    Absolutely! You can purchase a gift card from Myska's Creations, which can be used on my website to book upcoming events or to purchase digital products or custom commission bundles.
  • I need a particular custom commission gift...
    If you are looking for a particular commission, then please email us at and use "Commissions Query" as the subject title, and explain what it is that you are looking for. I might be able to assist you or at least guide you in the right direction!
  • How do you package your custom commissions?
    It depends on what the commission is. Memory book, custom journal or any physical book: I work with a third party printing supplier that handles the printing, packaging and delivery to your door. My supplier makes sure to package the item carefully to prevent any damage during shipment. Watercolor painting: I like to use stretched watercolor paper (unless you have asked for canvas specifically). I wrap the painting or print with recyclable paper and a backing board to protect the face of the painting. This prevents any damage to the painting or print during shipment. If the painting or print is small enough to fit into a bubble envelope, I will ensure it has stickers "fragile, do not bend". Stickers: I wrap my stickers in recyclable paper. Depending on what else you purchased from my online shop, I package stickers and other items in a small box with paper strings. Eventually I would love to add other items to my online shop that will fill your home with magic! So stay tuned on all my social media pages.
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