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5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Travelling Artists

Updated: Jan 21

As a traveling artist, I've learned that there are certain tools I simply cannot live without. I will be sharing the 5 must-have art supplies for travelling artists. I never leave home without these items when I'm on the road: a paintbrush, art book or paper, graphic fine liners, pencils, paint, and a travel bag. Whether I'm exploring a new city, hiking in the mountains, trekking with my horses, or relaxing on the beach, these tools help me capture the beauty and magic of my experiences.

Number 1 - Paintbrushes

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to a paintbrush. One person might enjoy the feeling of a synthetic haired paintbrush, while another enjoys squirrel haired. It very much depends on what the person likes, their art medium and what brand they are loyal to.

I love using my synthetic water brushes for on the go as I can easily fill them with water, dip my brush onto my watercolor pans without causing a watery mess, and not have to continuously carry a cup or jar to store water.

Number 2 - Paints

Depending on your art medium, I would consider buying a small and tightly sealed container that has compartments for each loose gouache, oil or watercolor paint.

I prefer my watercolor pan set, which is less messy and cheaper than tube paint.

I do have a preference to a brand when it comes to my paints, but I will save that discussion for a different blog.

Number 3 - Book or Paper

I suggest that whatever paper you use, then you need to make sure it has a hard backing board or a hard cover book. When you are on the move you are less likely to find a flat surface. A decent A5 flip pad is by Mont Marte, they manufacture decently priced watercolor books with cold pressed paper quality and a weight of 200 grams.

Number 4 - Graphite Pencils and Fine Liners

Depending on your art style, remember to bring your favorite graphic pencils and fine liner pens. I always carry my fine liners that are sizes 1.0 and 0.05 for those sharper detailing. If you are using pencils, remember your pencil sharpener and kneadable eraser.

Number 5 - Canvas Art Bag

I never go anywhere without my canvas art bag. I bought Derwent's sling bag, which has separate panels you can buy independently from the bag. So if you need to carry your coloring pencils safely, these panels will be useful to you. The bag has a zipped pocket for loose items, like an eraser, sharpener or extra paints. And an elastic to slip your book and watercolor pan set into.

Now you are ready for an art adventure! Have you remembered to pack your paintbrushes, pens and pencils, books and papers into your art bag yet?

Well get a move on! You are going to miss the sunset!

If you would like more information or a graphic presentation of everything I explained above, then you can check out my vlog @MyskaCreates on YouTube:

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