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The Equestrian Stable Companion is designed and compiled by the author - Melissa EK Hattersley - an equestrian lifestyle YouTuber and competitive showjumper from South Africa. She has owned and competed with her horses for +24 years and has a wealth of equestrian management knowledge.This planner was designed with a beginner or long-time horse owner in mind. Everything you will need to plan your equine day this year is included in these pages, such as your horse's description details; vet reports; farrier and dental reports; appointment reminders; calendar; budget planning; nutrition and feeding regime throughout the season; training and fitness planning; the list goes on.Whether you are forgetful or feel bogged down with all the admin. This planner will save you time searching for information and keep you on track to maintaining your horse's optimal health throughout the year!

An Equestrian's Stable Companion

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