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Ever dreamed of owning your own horse or pony?


Well so has the artist and illustrator Melissa EK Hattersley. When she was eight years old she did what any horse-obsessed child would do - beg her parents for a pony. Even though her parents would always say no, she persisted! Today she is the proud human of two beautiful horses and to appreciate her equine friends; childhood imaginations; and her hopes and dreams she decided to create a coloring book to showcase those childhood fantasies.


Become immersed in the imagination of each illustration and unleash your creativity as the art of coloring transports you into an adventurous equestrian journey. In Let's Ride Horses, a role-play horse coloring book, you will discover 24 unique hand-drawn illustrations to ignite your equine imagination.

Let's Ride Horses: a role-play horse coloring book

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  • This digital product is for personal use only.

    It is illegal to print, share, distribute for commercial purposes without permission from the author or illustrator.

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