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Officially Endorsed by BirdLife South Africa!A first of its kind for birdwatchers!This is a captivating illustrative bird guide and activity book that has been endorsed by BirdLife South Africa. Designed by Charles A MacKenzie and illustrated by Melissa EK Hattersley, and thoroughly checked over by professional ornithologists at BirdLife South Africa. This book was created for both children and adults to encourage bird education and nature conservation.This is the perfect gift for birders and budding birders everywhere. You can use this book when out on birding adventures, African safaris, or while you are at home admiring the birds from your garden.This book includes 20 hand-drawn illustrations of various South African birds accompanied with educational content on the bird's colorful plumage, map locations of where to spot it, its diet and habitat, and its IUCN conservation status. Each illustration is accompanied with interesting facts about the bird and writing space for you to keep track of your birdwatching adventures.US Letter Page size (8.5 x 11 inches). Images are on one side of the page only. The best medium to use for this type of paper includes coloring pencils, crayons or markers. If you would like to use water-based mediums, remember to place a cardboard or plastic sleeve at the back of the image to prevent bleed through.For more wondrous imaginations and extra coloring pages, check out Melissa's new online website -

The Birdwatchers Coloring Field Guide

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